Simplest way to convert WMA to MP3

Back in 2008, the mini laptops used to come with small storage and we used to convert our files to WMA format to save space. Now in 2015, times have changed and most of the modern devices do not support WMA. That is why it makes sense to convert those WMA files to MP3 to ensure there is no compatibility problem. MP3 files are supported everywhere – from computers to phones to iPods to car stereos – you can play an MP3 files on just about any media device.

convert WMA to MP3

Fortunately you can easily convert the WMA to MP3 files using Movavi Video converter that is available for both Macintosh and Windows platforms. This software allows you to convert WMA to MP3 and vice versa. Using the software is super easy. Simply download the installation file from the official website and install it on your computer. Installation process is simple and easy to follow.

After installation, start the application and click on Add Audio button to add your WMA files. The software supports batch file conversion, so you can convert all of your WMA collection to MP3 in one go. Next step is very important. From the “Convert To” drop down menu located at bottom of the window, select MP3 format. You will see that there are many MP3 profiles with different bitrates. Choosing the one with higher bitrate ensures higher audio quality and so on. We prefer select either MP3 196 kbps or 256 kbps to ensure high audio quality.

You should also select the destination folder that is located below the “Convert To” drop down box. This is the folder where the converted files will be saved. If you do not specify one, converted files will be stored in the default output folder.

Now click on the “convert” button to start the conversion process. Since the Movavi video converter makes use of super advanced algorithms that use all cores and threads available from a processor, conversion process does not take a lot of time. After the conversion process has completed, output folder will open containing all of your MP3 files.

The Movavi video converter is capable of doing much more than just audio file conversion. You can convert videos from one format to another. To do that, instead of clicking on “Add Audio”, click on “Add Video” and select the desired video format. Image file conversion is also possible.

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