Leather Tablet PC case transforms tablet into mini laptop

There is no doubt that sales as well as popularity of tablets have overtaken mini laptops. A lot of people buy tablets because all they do is web surfing and social networking and tablets are very good at that. However if you have to type in long documents, then the on screen keyboards are not the best option. They lack the tactile feedback that one gets from a hardware keyboard. That is why it makes perfect sense to invest in a good tablet PC keyboard case. Unfortunately most of them are too expensive but the one we will be talking about is cheap and does the job well.


This keyboard doubles as case and adds a touch of class to the looks of your tablet. It costs just $16.57 at gearbest.com and it works with all 8 inch and 9” tablets out there. The keyboard has chiclet style keys which are quite similar to the ones that Acer and Asus use on their mini laptops. Apple laptops also use the similar design as they are great for touch typing. It has full size left and right shift keys so that you press the correct combination every time.


This keyboard case measures 22.2 x 14.8 x 3.0 cm / 8.7 x 5.8 x 1.2 inches and weighs 320 grams, making it ideal for a mobile user. The case operates over Bluetooth so you do not need to connect any wires to make it work. Available in Rose, Gold, Black, White and Blue colors, the outer area is made of PU leather that adds a luxury touch to it. You can find more tablets and tablet accessories at gearbest.com


Battery is built in and runs for 6-7 hours before it requires recharging. Recharging is done via a standard USB port. It comes with a auto awake magnets that wake up your tablet or make it sleep.

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