How to delete time and date stamp from photo

When you take a picture with a smartphone, you will find that they do not add photo stamp on the photo. However, most of the point and shoot and DSLR cameras add date and time stamp to the bottom or top of the picture which is incredibly annoying for some. Some cameras let you turn it off but how do you remove it from the existing set of photos? The best way to do it is by using Movavi photo editor.

Movavi Photo Editor for Win

This application is the best photo stamp remover out there and more. It is available for download for both windows and macintosh versions and is super easy to use. Download it from the official website and install it on your mac or windows computer.


Start the app by double clicking on it. Click on browse for images button and add images. You can add multiple images at once. Now go to the Object Removal tool and paint it over the area occupied by data and stamp. Make sure to be precise when highlighting this area to get best results. I had the best experience when using the magic wand button for selecting the data and stamp on the image.

Now make use of the erasing tool to do away with the stamp. I also used the stamp tool later to clear any imperfections. Of course, you can use Movavi photo editor for removing watermarks and captions.


As said before, this application is much more than simply being a data and time stamp remover. You can do all sorts of adjustments on the screen including adjusting brightness, contrast, highlights, hue, saturation and so on. Move slider to the right or left to increase or decrease the intensity of effect. There are some excellent basic image editing capabilities built into it as well.


Using Movavi photo editor, you can crop, level and resize an image easily. Resizing reduces the size of the photos, freeing up precious hard disk storage on your computer. You can use it store more data. Smaller pictures are ideal for sharing on social networking websites and email. Another unique photo editing capability is ability to change the background of an image. This very option allows you to get rid of unwanted objects or people from your image. Just mark those objects with red marker followed by objects you want to keep with green marker to swap the background with something completely different.

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