Mini Laptops and Multimedia

Mini Laptops are being enjoyed by an overwhelming amount of consumers all over the world and why not? They are affordable and convenient to carry around, especially for those who like to stay in touch and work on office documents while on-the-go. The cost of Mini Laptops generally fall under 400 dollar price tag and runs Windows 7 Starter or Windows XP as operating system.

Mini laptops multimedia

Running Windows XP means the ability to run your favorite games and flash content which means you will have no problem in playing flash games online since such games are based on flash. Of course, you can also run your favorite office suit (mine is still Microsoft Office 2010) on it. This also ensures that no compatibility problems will arise as the desktop version run like a charm on these mini laptops.

Of course, other perks include ability to games online. Just make sure not to run that it very GPU intensive as most netbooks come with Intel GMA 3150 / 950 graphics that cannot handle a lot of graphic detail.

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