Asus 1001PXD, 1011PX, 1015PX with Ubuntu

If you thought Asus has abandoned Linux for their mini laptops, think again as the company is all set to launch Asus 1101px, Eee PC 1001pxd and 1015px of them with Ubuntu configurations. Asus stopped putting Linux (back then, it was all Xandros) after launching their first model – Eee PC 701. Now, the folks behind Ubuntu – Canonical is telling everyone that Ubuntu is feature-packed to go head-to-head with Microsoft’s Windows 7 operating system.


That is quite a big goal for Ubuntu. The question that arises is – are the Atom powered mini laptops good enough to surpass the huge Windows lineup? I think not and it would take more than that.

That said, equipping the aforementioned Asus mini laptops will make one thing for sure – the company will be able to bring the prices down to quite an extent.

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