Samsung RV511 Review

The Samsung RV511 laptop comes with a snappy processor and ample amount of storage which makes it a decent alternative to Apple Macbook Pro. So, do we recommend it? Read the full review to find out!


Samsung RV511 is a well-speced laptop that comes equipped with the Core i3 380M CPU that runs at 2.53GHz clock speed. For storage, you get a huge 640GB hard disk and 6GB of RAM which means that it handles basic stuff like web-browsing and multitasking like a piece of cake. Performance-wise, we have to say that we were pretty impressed with its CPU performance. The Samsung laptop also comes with a discrete graphics card by Nvidia. The GPU is called GeForce 315M that has 1GB of memory which is good enough for your online video watching needs and some light gameplay. The GPU also supports Nvidia’s CUDA technology that is utilized by some video editing apps to speed up operations.

Battery life is amazing as we were able to enjoy over 5 hours of continuous web surfing on a single charge. The main reason behind this magic is the Nvidia’s Optimus technology that turns off the discrete GPU when it feels that the integrated Intel graphics are sufficient. The display is one of the brightest we have used so far. Unfortunately, it is a glossy display which makes almost unusable in bright daylight.

Verdict – This Samsung laptop is fast and furious, but still somehow manages to yield impressive runtimes. We would hearty recommend to a casual user.

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