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Mainstream Windows laptop and mini-laptop require regular clean-ups and so do the Mac laptops. If you have been searching for an effective tool for OS X operating system to do away with the junk and unwanted files on your Mac’s hard disk, the best way to deal with this situation is by download and installing Movavi Mac Cleaner. The application will help you find the files that you did not know existed on your computer but were gobbling up precious space.

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Movavi mac cleaner is the best way to clean mac. Download the app from the official website and install it by dragging the downloaded DMG file from download folder to Applications icon present on the dock. Installation process will take only few seconds to complete.

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Immediately upon startup, the Mac Cleaner will automatically start finding unwanted and junk files stored on your computer. There is a progress bar showing you the progress. There is a label beneath the progress bar that shows how much data can be freed. Click on the Start Cleaning button to initiate the clean up process.

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There is an uninstaller utility in the Movavi Mac Cleaner utility as well that lets you uninstall applications as well as their leftovers. Normally when you use the built in uninstaller utility of the Mac, there is a lot of leftover that is no deleted. However with this Mac Cleaner utility, all of its leftover is deleted and more.

Even the default applications like Chess, Safari and iBooks can be uninstalled – something that cannot be removed using the built in utility. Thus, you can free up space even if you have just re-installed the Mac OS X operating system.

The makers of this software say that even on a new Mac, there is 2.5 gigabytes of disk space that is occupied by unnecessary files you are never going to use. You can use this storage for other applications. You will also feel that there is a performance boost and your boot times will be shorter than ever.

Movavi Mac Cleaner offers several other useful utilities to help you get rid of cache files, log files, trash bins, unused localizations and even duplicate files. One very useful feature is the ability to remove confidential data which lets you get rid of unwanted files completely.

When one erases file with a shredder, it is overwritten with other information so that no data recovery software can recover that piece of information or data.

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