iBall Lil Book – Do not Buy!

iBall is doing a lot of advertisement in India for its netbook which they are calling "Lilbook". This netbook is powered by Atom N270 processor and features 1GB RAM, 160GB hard disk and comes with a 3-cell battery. The display size is 10.1-inch and sports a resolution of 1024×600.

So why do we think that it is a rip-off? Well, for they are offering a processor that was included in netbooks 2 years back! Also, whats up with that small 3-cell battery. That will not give more than 2.5 hours of runtime, which kills the purpose of being mobile.



Other netbooks of same class offer much more features like higher capacity battery and better processor (N280, N450). Our verdict: DO NOT BUY this crap, especially for the asking price.