Samsung Mini Laptop

Samsung N102S

Samsung N102s is the first mini laptop to feature the new Intel Cedar Trail M processor. The N102s is powered by Intel Atom N2100 and features a 10.1 inch display. Like other Samsung mini laptops, the build quality should be great as the chassis is same as Samsung NC215s minus some cosmetic / color differences.

samsung n102s mini laptop


Samsung N100

Samsung N100 is the cheapest Samsung mini laptop to ever hit the market. It sports the latest Atom N435 processor that runs at 1.33GHz clock speed and runs Meego operating system, which is being developed by Intel. The N100 sports a scratch resistant casing and is built to withstand hard weather conditions.

Samsung n100 review specs


Samsung NS310

Samsung NS310 has not showed a lot of interest in their mini laptop line up this year, and have been churning out mini laptops with not-so-groundbreaking specs.



Samsung NC215S

Here comes the first mini laptop that features solar cells on the lid that allows it to reach incredible battery runtimes. Under the shell, you will find the mighty dual core Atom N570 processor, 250GB hard disk drive and 1GB RAM. It comes with 10.1 inch display packing WSVGA display and has duracase coating on the lid to prevent it from getting scratched easily.

samsung nc215s review

Samsung NC210

Samsung NC210 is the latest Atom N550 dual core mini laptop that sports an amazing design and an impressive chicet keyboard. Despite that, Samsung has priced it very aggressively.



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