Asus C200 Chromebook

Asus C200 is a Chromebook that runs Chrome OS operating system and features the new Intel Atom E3845 processor backed by 2 gigabytes of RAM. Asus claims it has all day battery, large touch pad and high quality audio. It also comes with 100 gigabytes of free online drive storage.

Asus Chromebook C200 mini laptop india

Asus C200 Specifications

* 11.6 inch display
* 1366×768 pixel resolution
* Intel Atom E3845 processor 1.9 GHz clock speed
* 2 gigabytes of RAM
* HDMI support

Asus C200 Reviews and Useful links

Softpedia: ASUS C200 Chromebook First Pics Appear

The pictures give us a hint about what kind of chip architecture is pumping power into the Chromebook. There’s a visible Intel sticker, so the ASUS Chromebook might be the 1.9GHz Intel Atom E3845 processor combined with 2GB of RAM we have seen show up late last year.

Ubergizmo: Asus C200 And C300 Chromebooks Could Arrive In 2014

The March-bound ASUS Chromebox will hit the US with two processor choices – you can pick from the Intel Celeron 2955U or the Intel Celeron Core i3-4010U Haswell processor. Selected markets too, will see an Intel Core i7 model being made available to boot, with the Celeron model expected to be priced at $179.

9to5google: Leak shows first Asus Chromebooks coming soon w/ C200 & C300 models

We’ve seen Chromebooks from Acer, Samsung, HP, and more recently Toshiba, but one of Google’s closest OEM partners, Asus, has yet to release one. It’s not that surprising that it plans to, however, as it is already making a Chrome OS device soon to hit the market.

Chromiumnetbooks: Asus Chromebook C200 C300 Hands On Review

Asus is not a newcomer in the field of Chrome OS devices. Last year the company released Chromebox but we were still waiting for Asus to release its first Chromebook. It is finally here and there new two models that have been introduced.

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