Apple Mini Laptop Review

Apple released an updated version of Macbook Air laptop in the October 2010 and with the new release, they introduced a new 11 inch mini laptop version of Air as well.


Asus and Samsung mini laptops are already being sold at under 400 dollars (Rs 18,000) and sales have been so far fantastic. Apple is selling the cheapest 11 incher at 1000 dollars (Rs 56,000) which puts it into premium laptop category. So, is it worth it? Yes and No. Until now, if you yearned for an ultraportable Macbook, you had no choice but to get an Apple iPad which is nothing but a tablet running tweaked version of iOS.

However, this Apple mini laptop runs MAC OS X Lion operating system which is also being used in Macbook Pro and Mac Pro computers. This allows you to run the exact same apps on it and there is no problem with converting files for the iOS too. There are no syncing problems because there is no syncing to be done.

The Macbook Air 11 inch is offered with new Core i5 and i7 offering. The basic model comes with 2GB RAM but the higher models feature 4GB which the maximum supported by the system. The RAM is factory fitted and is non upgradeable. For storage, you get an SSD (solid state drive), which is resistant to shocks and bumbs, unlike hard disk (which is a good thing). Thus, your data is more safer than before. On the down side, you get just 64GB / 128GB for storage. Apple does offer a 256GB option too, but that is not offered in all countries.

The screen packs 1366 x 768 pixels which is standard for an 11.6 inch display. The resolution is surprisingly higher than the 13 inch Macbook Pro. Compared to the Lenovo X121e, another 11.6 inch mini laptop, the screen is much brighter and colors really pop up. Keyboard and trackpad is the best we have ever tested on a laptop. Typing experience was extremely satisfying and no keys have been shrunken down, something that is common in Asus 12.1 inch mini laptops like Asus Eee pc 1215B. Touchpad is also the biggest for a 11.6 inch mini laptop. Gesture support is amazing on the Mac OS X Lion and you will never want to go back to PC again.

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Performance wise, there is nothing that can beat it. The innards of this Apple mini laptop are same as the Samsung ZX310, also known as Samsung 9 series which means anything and everything is handled with ease. You can even edit movies with little to no slowdowns at all. This is something not possible on most mini laptops out there. Battery life is around 4.5 hours with Wi-Fi on. Clearly, this not the greatest out there and we have seen many other mini laptops with better battery life. However, you must consider the fact that those do not pack this power too.

Verdict – If you are looking for an ultraportable mini laptop that can do desktop related tasks, there are not many choices. If you are a Windows user, go for Samsung ZX310 and if you are a Mac user, there is no choice but to get the Macbook Air mini laptop from Apple.

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